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Group 12 - Portuguese Start Up Course

Outcome of this course

  1. Good understanding of Portuguese Sentence Structure.
  2. Undersating the Greetings and Numbers.
  3. Asking simple questions.
  4. Answering basic questions.
  5. Strong base for further learning.
  6. Understanding of basic Portuguese pronuncation.
  7. A solid Foundation of Basic Grammar

5 Weeks

3 classes per week

Starts 29 July 2024

Enroll by 28 July 2024

Enrollment will close after 25 admissions

Nikesh Chapain


Monday, Wednesday and Friday
19:00HRS to 20:00HRS

What the course covers?

  1. 250+ vocabulary words
  2. 50+verbs and their usage
  3. Important verbs and how to conjugate them
  4. The building blocks of Portuguese grammar
  5. Solid Understanding of Portuguese Verbs
  6. Translation skills.
  1. Easy Conjugation of VERBS
  2. Expressing Using basic Modal Verbs
  3. Tips and Tricks to learn Portuguese
  4. 20+ Word of the day cards
  5. 20+ Notes and Exercises
  6. Extra sessions of practice

We do the first come - first serve

Seats are limited

Course Content

5 lessons 15 Lectures 5 extra session

Lesson 1 - Ola Portugal!
Alphabets and examples
30 minutes
Personal Pronouns - Eu, Tu, Ele, Ela, Eles etc.
30 minutes
Nouns and Articles - a, o, as, os, um, uma, uns, umas
1hr and 30 minutes
Adjectives - Big, Small, Good, Bad, Tall, Short, Expensive, Cheap
30 minutes
Lesson 2 - O meu nome é ...
3 hrs
To ber verbs in Portuguese SER and ESTAR
1hr 30 minutes
Singulars and Plurals - a casa- as casas, o homem, os homens
30 minutes
Numbers from 1 to 100
30 minutes
My first complete sentence in Portuguese
30 minutes
Lesson 3 - Eu tenho 20 anos..
3 hrs
TER verb in Portuguese
Possessive Adjective and Pronouns - My, your, her etc..
30 minutes
Reflexive Pronounus : chamo-me, senta-se etc..
What do you do - Asking Question - O que?
30 minutes
Understanding verbs : Regular and Irregular Verbs
30 minutes
Lesson 4 - Eu falo Portuguese
3 hrs
AR verbs : Falar, Jogar, Comprar, Trabalhar etc.
ER verbs : Comer, Beber, Aprender, Vender etc.
IR verbs : Abir, Servir, Dividir, Partir, Decidir etc
Lesson 5 - Eu want to learn more Portuguese
3 hrs
Modal Verbs : I have to-Tenho que, I want to-Eu quero
30 minutes
I like to, I need to, I should - Gosto de, preciso de, devo
30 minutes
Asking Questions : What, When, Where, Who, How, How much

We do the first come - first serve

Seats are limited

How we Learn?

The Online Zoom Session

The course will be delivered online. Each student will receive the Zoom link for the class, which will become active 15 minutes before the scheduled time. It is strongly encouraged for students to have their cameras on for an immersive learning experience. Additionally, it's essential for students to have a pen and notebook ready for taking notes during the class.

During the class, the teacher may ask you questions and encourage you to practice speaking by preparing your microphone. Your active participation in the class will enhance your learning experience.

What's App Group - Exercises and Quick Answers

The utilization of WhatsApp for learning purposes is a key feature of this online learning platform. Students have found this aspect to be highly engaging. Upon enrollment, you will be added to your class's WhatsApp group, where exercises will be distributed. This group provides a forum for sharing experiences and chatting with both peers and the instructor.

Students have the opportunity to seek direct assistance from the teacher whenever they encounter difficulties or confusion. Typically, students receive prompt responses to their queries, enabling them to learn at their own pace.

Engaging in regular conversations fosters confidence and allows for continuous practice.

Exta Session : Practice and Recap

Our objective for this course is to acquire proficiency in Portuguese. Each student learns at their own pace. We offer supplementary sessions at no extra charge for additional Portuguese practice. Students who find it challenging to grasp the material can also ask for a review of the lesson. These extra sessions provide an informal yet highly effective learning opportunity for most students.

Key features
  1. Online delivery of all lessons.
  2. Immediate response to students via WhatsApp.
  3. Abundant notes and exercises.
  4. Extra sessions are available upon request.
  5. Students can create duet videos with the teacher on social media to showcase their progress.
  6. And many more.

After taking this course you will be able to:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Understand the basic structure of Portuguese sentences.
  3. Make simple sentences to express your activities.
  4. Conjugate multiple verbs in the present tense.
  5. Count from one to a thousands.
  6. Most importantly, have a clear idea of what you want to learn further.

We do the first come - first serve

Seats are limited